Since the foundation, we have planned and developed more than 3,000 products with our clients. In addition to the production of private brands of our clients, we also develop and sell our original products of our own brands, "Dosanko Select from Hokkaido," "Japanese Dish Kura Kitchen" and "Sakanaya Ichiren Kura (Seafood Bento)." They are also available at the online shop.

"Dosanko Select" is our brand developed for the customers to enjoy delicious Hokkaido food casually. Not only seafood and vegetables from Hokkaido, we use abundant milk, fresh cream, cheese, sausages and bacon which are popular with young people and kids. We aim to deliver the taste suitable for the happy tables of families.


●Fuwatoro Shaomai
"Fuwatoro Shaomai" is a new kind of big seafood shaomai using plentiful fresh seafood from the reliable producing areas as ingredients. Seafood sauce is stuffed in the "western-style seafood paste" which is made from mixed and mashed seafood, and it is finally wrapped with our special "Mochi wrapper."


●Bocchan Pumpkin Gratin
Very popular delicious Gratin which "Bocchan Pumpkin" from Tokachi, Hokkaido is wrapped with white sauce and natural cheese. We proudly offer two tastes. "Cheese Fondue" in which abundant vegetables, pork sausages and bacon are used and evokes image of the land of Hokkaido. The other is "Sea" in which scallop, shrimp and red snow crab evoking the image of the sea of Hokkaido are used and it is topped with broccoli for the color. Once baked, you will feel the significant sweetness of "Bocchan Pumpkin." Enjoy not only the filling but also the tasty skin.


●Fuwatoro Seafood Bun
Seafood Bun of new sensation from which the home made western-style paste with seafood from the north being mixed in melts out. We offer three tastes; "Crab," "Scallop" and "Shrimp." Popular with children!

We also produce "Potato gratin of three kinds of cheese, "Butadon stick," "Wrapped pie (crab cream, scallop cream)," "Buttered Inkanomezame potato," "Buttered pumpkin," "Stew wrapped with crispy pie (seafood, beef)," "Rice casserole of land," "Rice casserole of sea," "Frozen freshwater clams from Lake Abashiri," "Rod-shaped sushi (king crab, scallop, saury)," "Soup (cabbage, pumpkin, burdock, corn)" and so on.

Sakanaya Ichiren "Kura" is a restaurant located in Susukino, Sapporo where there is a remarkable number of about 3,500 restaurants. "Kura" is reputed for the variety and quality of fresh Hokkaido ingredients and elaborated recipes, and very popular not only with tourists but local gourmets. Seafood bentos of "Kura" brand is well received at the food and product fairs around the country.


We hope to spread "Washoku," authentic Japanese food prepared carefully using seasonal Hokkaido ingredients. "Japanese Dish Kura Kitchen" was born from this thought. It is authentic Japanese food seasoned by orthodox method and supervised by a professional chef who has experience in a famous traditional Japanese restaurant. "Kita-no-Ichizen" is a small bowl you can also enjoy the color. "Kita-no-Sankaimushi" is a steamed dish which was born based on a hint from "kaburamushi" (steamed fish with grated turnip on top). They are both full of ingredients. For cooking, you just need to heat them by microwave.


"Hearty Gourmet Small Bowl," taste of seasons by microwave (100% Hokkaido rice used)
Salmon/Crab/Scallop/Seasoned Beef

"Gourmet-Steamed Seafood and Vegetable," authentic Japanese food by microwave (with starchy sauce)
Steamed scallop and Pumpkin/Steamed Cod and Turnip/Steamed Salmon and Chinese Yam

Product examples